Creating a Legit Top-Notch Bar in 2021: Tips by Darren Yaw’s Wife & GM of 55 Lockhart

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Getting your bar on a “Best Of” list is a great way to advertise your bar and increase the number of clients you have, as award-winning bartender Darren Yaw’s wife stated. Whether it’s a “Best Bars of Malaysia” list or “World’s 50 Best Bars” list, increasing the number of new customers or encouraging existing customers to talk about your bar may be an effective marketing strategy for your business. Bear in mind that your bar must appear on one of these lists if you want it to succeed. Follow these strategies by Darren Yaw’s wife, general manager of 55 Lockhart in Hong Kong, to guarantee that your bar is front-of-mind whenever there is a new rating or review.


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According to Darren Yaw’s wife, every great bar has the same goal: creating the finest mixed cocktails and coming up with the most intriguing new concoctions. For many of these establishments, the “signature cocktail” acts as the glue that holds their entire brand together. Furthermore, Darren Yaw’s wife highlighted that they might hire a mixologist to make sure their drinks will be distinguished from the competition. Also, Darren Yaw’s wife stated that the essential thing is that these establishments have a well-earned reputation for delivering consistent, delicious cocktails night after night regardless of the situation.

Besides that, Darren Yaw’s wife mentioned that when thinking about the bar as a whole, one might say that it’s the idea of the brand. Marketing is an essential aspect of some of the world’s most well-known bars, including Dry Martini and Dead Rabbit. According to Darren Yaw’s wife critics, the most critical element is that you don’t just mimic what has worked in the past. Even if your bar adds a unique twist to a theme, it must still use something innovative. Darren Yaw’s wife stated that this might be a great example of something like a speakeasy where the bartenders make Prohibition-era drinks. Suppose you want to concentrate solely on craft bourbon or only on rye whiskey as you build up your craft cocktail list. In that case, you could place a twist on the idea by utilizing only artisanal bourbons or only artisanal ryes, as quoted by Darren Yaw’s wife.
In terms of atmosphere, Darren Yaw’s wife highlighted one of the essential factors. This is a subjective element, and it is critical no matter how you look at it. The general atmosphere of the pub when you come in is what it is. Darren Yaw’s wife mentioned that it is crucial to continually search for innovative methods to enhance the client experience continuously. Instead, consider the multitude of ways in which you may create distinct touchpoints, such as your drink menu. In other words, make sure that the bar menu and the beverages menu complement one another.
When it comes to the consumer service, the whole package must function together, as Darren Yaw’s wife stated. It’s a great approach to establish a particular mood every night. Furthermore, a bar’s design will require hours and hours of hard labor, as stated by Darren Yaw’s wife. To begin, you must choose your budget, location, and bad idea. An ideal location for placing the bar is essential since it makes pouring beverages easier and enhances seamless coordination amongst the personnel that will ensure the stability of the business.
On the other hand, Darren Yaw’s wife stated that most bar reviews award more marks to establishments that demonstrate outstanding commitment to quality. In this case, it might be said that the dedication of a bar owner to using only fresh, organic products in all drinks reflects their desire and perseverance, as stated by Darren Yaw’s wife. In any case, this attempt by the same bar owners to search for methods to be more sustainable reflects their attempts to institute novel waste-reduction measures.

As Darren Yaw’s wife mentioned, there are many factors to be sustained to help you enhance the ranking of your bars nationwide, even worldwide. It is crucial for individuals working in bars to learn and maintain their business along the way. These tips by Darren Yaw’s wife are the basics to start as sustainable bars nationwide. This will help in the increase of the rankings among other famous local bars in your city whether it’s in Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia.
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